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UPDATE: Jan 24, 2014 - obviously a lot of this info is old, but it is still relevant for many MGT users. I am leaving this site up in the hopes that it continues to aid the few die-hard MGT owners who remain!!!


This web site is designed as a compilation of the best tips & tricks (racing and/or bashing) for the fabulous Monster GT.

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Chevy-SS Race Setup, 4/3/07:
Here's the setup I used for the 2007 season. NOTE: this was my last season racing the MGT. I then migrated to the Losi LST2.
* Rear toe - 3 degrees toe-in
* Front toe - 1 degree toe-in
* Knuckles - MGT-RPM Mod
* Upper arm mounts by TD Racing
* 8mm HPI stub axles
* 23mm KMW adapters
* Camber - neg 2 degrees all around
* Tires - 40 series Crimefighters
* FT chassis
* Powerstrokes with firm (grey/white) springs
* Shock Oil - 30 in coilover, 40 in bypass
* RPM a-arms in front, stock arms in rear
* Lower shock mount (front) - inner hole
* Lower shock mount (rear) - inner hole
* Diffs - both shimmed as needed
* Diff oil - 30K front, 10K rear
* Two steering servos (93458's)
* Steering centered and modded
* 12MaH 5c NiMH pack, mounted under chassis
* Engine - XTM 24.7 or Picco .26
* Pipe - Losi LST2
* Airtronics 94357 brake/throttle servo
* Custom steering rack (allows more turn)
* Ride Height - dogbones level
* Race Weight (fuel & body) - 11lb 14oz
* Clutch shoes - lightened w/1.1 springs
* Gearing - 17/52 or 16/49
* Slipper - tightened all the way down
* Fuel line - removed primer bulb
* Brakes - stock disc, fuel tube mod
* Radio - Helios EX-10 w/Spektrum
* Fuel - 30% O'Donnells


WINNING RACES - FIRST, you need a great truck. It needs to hold together throughout the race day AND it needs to be set up for the track. It's the little details that separate winners from losers. Additionally, you need to learn to DRIVE, but if you're truck isn't set up properly, then the best driver in the world can't win with it.


We endeavor to give credit where applicable. Thanks to all the great guys at the Monster GT forum, like Snook, Texdav, canadian-mgt, 1100SHOTS, fishnstash, meanmudder, PJ, TG, cbr74, MGTDude and many others.

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Chevy-SS MGT collection: two racers and two bashers, plus enough spare parts to build at least one more!

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