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Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Hey, we all want to go faster. That's what this short page is all about. Say you just got a brand new MGT and you want to kick butt, but the Savage and Revo guys are smokin' you at the gravel pit and at the track. Well, here are some tricks to transform your MGT into a rip-snorting beast. I'm gonna keep things short and simple here, with links to other pages that will help and short explanations of speed and handling tricks.

First, let me say I bought my first MGT shortly after they came on the market. I've been racing and bashing and modding the MGT ever since. Oh yeah, I've bought four more (new and used), plus TONS of parts over the past couple of years. I think I have more parts than anyone except Associated, hahaa. I don't know much about the world in general, but I DO know the MGT pretty well.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase -

Most important speed tips for MGT

  1. Use FOC (forward only conversion)
  2. Get lighter tires and wheels
  3. Tune the clutch
  4. Tune your engine for power
  5. Use 30% fuel
  6. Experiment with gearing, 17/49 is good start with smaller tires
  7. Make sure air filter is clean and flows well
  8. Check carb linkage and be sure carb is opening all the way
  9. Roll-out the truck on ground (by hand), make sure nothing is dragging
  10. Tighten your slipper all the way, then just drive a little smoother (to avoid driveline damage)
  11. Consider a new engine, like the LRP Spec 3

If you do those things, your MGT will pretty much keep up with just about any truck out there.


Secrets to Wheelies - If you wanna wheelie, check these items:

  1. Tune the clutch - this is perhaps the most important thing to do! Use heavier springs - 1.1
  2. Make sure the clutch is squeaky clean
  3. Check the "Speed tips" above, but you won't need FOC to wheelie
  4. Stiffen the rear suspension, heavier shock oil & springs
  5. Double check to make sure your wheel hexes aren't stripped out
  6. Tune HSN for good power, then perform "pinch test" to make sure low end (LSN) is set for good punch off the line. Pinch test means run engine, do a few high speed passes, then pull truck in and pinch fuel line with your fingers - close to carb. If engine dies immediately, LSN is too lean. If engine takes 5 or 6 seconds to dies then LSN is too rich. Ideally, when doing the 'pinch test', the engine should run for about 2 or 3 seconds, then speed up a tad, then die, then LSN is damn close to optimal!

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