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UPDATE - 4/15/07 - NOW FOR SALE!
$17 - includes shipping to USA
$20 - includes shipping anywhere in world

Email Chevy-SS or TheDude and we'll whip one up for ya!

OK, here's how you install and adjust one of our custom drag links. These links are made by TheDude and/or Chevy-SS. The purpose of the custom drag link is to move the outer ball ends further away from the diff housing. This allows you to adjust and mod the steering for MUCH tighter turning.

Let's get started:

This is how your stock setup will look. I know, I have two servos, but the rest of the stuff is stock. Just forget the extra servo (on the right). Start by disconnecting the servo linkage and the ball-ends from the knuckles...........

OK, now you can easily move the bellcranks left and right so you can remove the two screws (one of them circled in red).........

Here's your stock linkage setup................

Now, equalize those turnbuckles!!!!!!!! You MUST equalize the turnbuckles, because the new drag link means you need to shorten the turnbuckles to get proper toe adjustment. If you shorten one end too much, then you'll strip out the ball end.

NOTE: If using Lunsford ball-ends, then grind off about 3 or 4 threads off the end of each turnbuckle, and then re-install the ball-ends and you'll be able to adjust for proper toe.

Use a little blue threadlock on all screws......................

Installation is now reverse of dis-assembly. Start by installing the drag link onto the bell cranks. Put some blue threadlock on the threads. DON'T overtighten.

OK, here's the link installed and aligned properly. This pic is with the radio ON, and the steering wheel is in neutral position. It's important to have the bellcrank screws (circled in red) exposed the same amount on each side of the skid plate. You can sometimes use servo trim to egt to this point, or you may need to remove the servo saver and re-position it. Or, you can do as I did, which is get an adjustable arm from the servo saver to the bellcrank.

Once you have the bellcranks properly positioned, then you adjust each turnbuckle until the wheel is aligned straight ahead, and that's it.

If you want the complete steering mods and tune-up, please go HERE

Email one of us if you have any questions.

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