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Nothing drives me more crazy than stalling, also called "flameout". This kind of issue can drive you nuts, especially if you're somewhat new to nitro. The good news is: nitro engines are actually pretty simple and there's not a whole lot to go wrong.

Below I've scanned in a couple of well-written pages by Greg Vogel from the October 2006 issue of RC Driver. This article is a good reason to subscribe to a quality mag such as this.

Greg's tips are terrific, but I think he left out a couple of additional small things that need attention if you're having stalling issues:

bulletCarb needs cleaning - small pieces of debris get in carb (restricting fuel flow), most often from pieces of the small o-rings getting torn off as we adjust the HSN and LSN. Take the carb off, dis-assemble, clean thoroughly and re-assemble. THIS IS ALWAYS ONE OF MY FIRST SUSPECTS, right after checking basics, such as glow plug...................
bulletTuned pipe - the pressure nipple on the pipe can get clogged. This can cause a lean bog and/or stall. Blow out the pressure nipple with compressed air



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