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Custom MGT/MTA4 Upper A-Arm mounts
from TD Racing.

This page authored by TheDude, owner of TD Racing


Here's a quick pic of beefy TD Racing mounts (left) and stock mounts (right):

If you're one of the many that is frustrated with the stock mounts, now you have a choice.  Many have emailed me (TheDude) stating that since they had their MGT they have bought 6 to 15 sets to replace these mounts.  Also some have resolved to buy stronger hinge pins to assist the stock mount from bending.  This is unnecessary as your stock hinge pins will work just fine.  Fact is, if the mount does not bend than the pin will not bend, one less thing to worry about and pay good money for.

The mounts are sold in sets of two, so you would need two sets to do a full MGT:

To check stock availability or for any questions,  check out TheDude's web site at




Forum member, (snook)

"Just got home from work, hanging there on the front door. Look pretty good,  fixing to put them on and maybe get a run or two in. I appreciate your time and effort on this, not many people would do what you have done."

"Dude, I raced the brackets, and they are still flawless. Perfect condition. Send me a papal bill, when you are ready......"

"The brackets did great. No bendage, no binding. I broke a 2 speed shaft again, so I finished 3rd. I will get some pics of the new brackets on there today maybe. The black look good on there."

"Recieved my other brackets today. All ready to go now. Look forward to seeing your next product, lol, thanks again."


"Ok well i took 2 of the best brackets from my basher for my racer. Headed to the LHS they have a little track there. Fronts, (Dudes) held up great. Sad to say rear ones, (STOCK) didnt hold up long. I was really hard on the truck to test them out. Front didnt bind, drag anything they are perfect. I only wish i had 4 or lest 1 more so i can put on basher and give her some super air jumps. I want to break a-arms off to do a good test. AE sent me my tranny parts today so minus the braces ill be readdy to run some good tests. Im going to move the dude ones to the basher and wait for my set of them i got off ebay for the rear. I will keep you posted. I hope i have before the weekend.

"Well Dude, I have good news and bad news. First good news your brakets are sweet!!! Bad news i broke a-arms and knuckle LMFAO. But ya they are hot held up still with broken stuff they moved like butta baby! I want a full set now dammit! Did you figure out a price on them yet?

"Ill never use the stocks again once send the rear set lol right now I can only say the front is Dude-a-fide!!"



Man, I finally got around to installing the TD Racing custom mounts. These are truly some magnificent pieces. Many thanks to TheDude for taking the time to design and make these up.

These things fit right on for me. I didn't have to touch anything (but I had previously sanded the RPM arms a tad to get them to fit with the stock mounts). If you've got brand new a-arms, then you may need to do a little bit of fitting.

These things are maximum beef, they fit right and they look great. Aftermarket mods don't get any better than this




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